STUDENT ABSENCES MUST BE REPORTED TO THE NURSE @ 353-7250 EVERY DAY. This should be done as early as possible in the AM, 9:00 at the latest. Messages can be left on the Nurse's voicemail around the clock any day of the week. Messages will be retrieved every morning. If you haven't called to report your child's absence or written to the teacher in advance advising that your child is going to be out, you will receive a call from the Attendance Clerk to make sure that your child is accounted for.

Your cooperation in calling promptly avoids unnecessary calls which cause anxiety for all concerned. Teachers should be advised in writing of anticipated absences for varying reasons. The classroom teacher will then forward the information to the Attendance Clerk.

In emergency situations, the Attendance Clerk can always be reached directly at 353-7241.

AGAIN, THE NUMBER TO REPORT ABSENCES IS: 353-7250. Voicemail is on 24 hours, 7 days. Thank you so much.